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At the root of almost every unwanted doggy behaviour is intense anxiety, where they do not understand social cues or how to respond suitably. Especially in new situations or environments, the dog might feel overwhelmed by the flood of stimuli. This can cause them to feel vulnerable and unconfident in a situation that they cannot understand or control. Unwanted behaviours, such as dog to dog aggression, can be common but with proper approach and socialisation, a very preventable issue.

While socialization is best done during the golden window where puppies are 3 - 8 months old, it is something that adult dogs can definitely pick up! Our adult socialization syllabus aims to build a strong foundation to develop the dog into a confident and well balanced dog, who is able to read situations and enjoy socialisation with other fur kids!

The objectives of our Adult Socialization Syllabus includes:

1) How to meet new humans and dogs

2) Interacting and understanding social cues with dogs

3) How to walk in a pack and appropriate behaviors at dog runs
4) Observing and correcting unwanted behaviours, while reinforcing basic commands through positive reinforcements.

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You just brought home a dog and you are madly in love! But then you realise...  where do you begin? From toileting to crate training, this course is best for puppy pawrents as they tackle the challenge of pawrenthood.

Our puppy classes cover all the essential bases on how to be a good owner, and how you can best raise a well-balanced pup.

The syllabus for our puppy classes which uses positive-only methods includes:

1) Resource guarding 

2) Differentiate between teething and mouthing off

3) Socialization

4) House training

5) Basic grooming

6) Veterinary concerns

7) Regulatory requirements

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The Obedience Course is useful to establish clear boundaries and is a solid foundation for inculcating other good behavioral patterns in your furkid. Urban Paws' Obedience Course focuses on skills for companion dogs instead of working dogs. The primary objective is for your furkid to hone their focus and take cues from you, especially when outdoors. This helps to keep your furkid safe in any situation.

The syllabus for our Obedience Course includes:

1) The Recall

2) Basic commands of Sit, Stay, Down

3) Compound commands of Sit-Stay, Down-Stay

4) Heeling on and off leash

5) Off Command

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2) Home Visit

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No dog is perfect, nor should they be expected to be. We love our furballs of joy, but there can be a variety of behavioural conditions that are serious enough to cause them to become a danger or a nuisance to either themselves or the people around. 

Often, the negative behavioural patterns they display is symptomatic of a deeper problem, which causes them to act out. This is where behavioural correction is essential!

Some issues that we can help alleviate:

1) Aggression towards strangers

2) Entry point charging

3) Inappropriate toilet habits

4) Destructive behaviour

5) Chasing people and other animals

6) Jumping at guests

7) Resource guarding

8) Food Aggression

9) Seperation anxiety

10) Excessive Barking 

Don't struggle alone, let us help you!

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