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It’s the wee hours of the morning and you have been up all night because your furkid has not been well.

He’s sitting quietly, he’s not taking his favourite treat...

Maybe he’s even throwing up!

You are worried sick and all you can think about is

rushing him to the vet once it opens.

When morning comes, you hurriedly try to book a taxi, a Grab, anyone who will take you.

You are put on hold for 5 minutes...then 10... 20...

No one takes you because you have a dog with you.

Sounds familiar?

Whether it is to the vet or a playdate gathering,  getting there can be a nightmare when travelling with pets. 

This is where Urban Paws comes in!

We take pets around the island for various purposes.

Our friendly pet transport team are more than happy to accommodate your requests. 


Contact us for more details and pricing!

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