Getting to know Jiajie

This weekend, we are excited to sit down with our lovely groomer, Jiajie, to speak to her about her growth and her aspirations for the future

Urban Paws' mistress of the Northeast has had vast international exposure, training under different teachers around the region. Though petite, she has big dreams and wants to eventually travel the world, while leaving a trail of gorgeously cut dogs behind her, savouring life in all its vibrancy.

As the life and soul of the grooming studio and the Queen of (seemingly) effortless cute, we get to know more about her, what her grooming journey has been like, and the ups and downs in her management role.

So we understand you have been through a number of grooming courses, tell us more about 1 or 2 of them.

The one that was the most significant for me was my stint in Taiwan. It was not only the grooming techniques and skills I picked up there. My Taiwan teacher was very strict and emphasized a lot on discipline. I had to not only pay attention during lessons, as a student, I also needed to keep the school clean and tidy, and take notes at night after lessons.

想起来 真的获益良多!(Come to think of it, I really learned a lot!)

What can pawrents expect from you when they bring their dogs?

I groom with patience and love. When dogs come in for grooms, some of them are already nervous and scared, so they might react out of fear. As groomers, we need to be patient with them.

I also really like to make pets round and fluffy!

Describe some of the challenges and achievements of taking on this dual role of groomer and manager.

I've definitely improved a lot in my communications! As a groomer, 我整天只是面对小狗小猫,(I face only pets all day) now become a manager, 我需要跟主人沟通,了解他们对于毛孩的需求 (I need to communicate with the owners to understand what they want from my groom )。 If communications are not clear, I might disappoint the owners with my cutting style or mishandle the dogs.

What has this year of Covid taught you?

It has taught me that we need to be prepared for difficulties in times of peace. Just as bad times won't last, sometimes, good times don't either!

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