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Bailey always smells so good after a shower and the smell can last for a whole week! The groomers has amazing grooming skills, especially when it comes to peachy butt trims! 

We love the structured syllabus of having a good amount of time allocated to both indoor and outdoor play, especially outdoor activities (dog parks, outings, pack walks) so that they can learn how to behave in different environments.


We also like the idea of small puppy classes to ensure maximum attention from the handlers. And having a class specialised for puppies is a plus point! We don't have to worry about our pup getting hurt in class even with rough play. The progressive syllabus and reinforcement on positive play has been helpful, and we can see that she enjoys her school days a lot! 


On a whole, Urban Paws has friendly and nice staff, comfortable shop ambience, very good flexibility when it comes to time slot and fuss-free arrangement!

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