Providing For Your Urban Pets

The city can be a big and confusing space for pawkids. We are committed to always empathising with your pawkids' emotional, social and physical needs with our full service pet concept.

With our extensive experience and devoted team, we have been helping owners nurture happy city pawkids for the past 15 years.

And it’s our promise that we will be there for you and your pawkid for more years to come.



Stewy, Sundae & Dusty

“Love the pet grooming at Urban Paws! My bunnies never fail to come back smelling absolutely heavenly after their grooming sessions at UP. Their shampooing (and massage) skills are top notch and they must have taken a lot of effort to ensure every single strand of fur is cleaned and coated! Thumbs up! I blame them though, as I look like a maniac sniffing at my bunnies all the time for up to 2 weeks. Heh heh. Also, the service at UP is always personal. Everyone is friendly and helpful, and the staff are never pushy with sales.” 

— Marvis Leong, Rabbit Owner