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We’ve come some way since starting out in the mid 2010s as a small animal concept. 

Today we offer daycare, staycations, grooming and pet transport for all furkids, big or small. 

We believe that in our cityscape, our furkids' physical, psychological and social needs too often get neglected. Our full service concept seeks to elevate our city furkid's lives in a wholistic manner.

Underpinning all our offerings are empathy and knowledgable expertise, delivering best in class pet services across our three outlets spread across the island.



Founder & Behaviourist

Marrying her love for business and passion for animals, Laura founded Urban Paws as a full service concept. Realising that companion animals have a deep well of emotions and needs that often go unaddressed in our hustle and bustle, Urbans Paws was founded on the basis of empathy, compassion and authenticity.


Laura now derives the most fulfillment from rehabilitating dogs with behavioural issues.



Assistant Behaviourist/ Daycare Lead

Vincent's natural attunement with dogs has led him to work with anxious and aggressive dogs over his 7 year career as a dog handler. Working at the Singapore Police K9 unit has set him firmly on the road to developing his passion in dog psychology and behavioural correction. 

As the Daycare Lead at Urban Paws, he works towards developing and nurturing his team into becoming proficient handlers. Endorsing the values of empathy and authenticity, he believes in striking a balance between firm authority and compassionate understanding, working with owners on training plans that are both pragmatic and effective.


Small Mammal Groomer

Having had all sorts of pets, large and small, her entire life, Lynn ensures everyone is well-taken care of in her ‘hood – be they your furkids, our furkids, her minions, the stray cats roaming about or your kids roaming about (ok, not quite.)


She specializes in grooming for small animals and does an especially good job with the most timid of pets. 



Junior Groomer

Vet tech, animal communicator, groomer. Jades dedication to pets’ wellness is multifold and wholistic. The Urban Paws vision of integrating social, mental and physical resonates with her and she has since become a key advocate to her clients and team members.



Daycare Lead

With many years of animal husbandry and handling under his belt, "Papa Jester" is incredibly patient with even the most stubborn of dogs. A nature lover and free spirit, Jester loves nothing better than to enjoy the great outdoors with his pack of furry pals. Jester is also the night-time guardian of dogs on staycation.



Junior Groomer

Beginning her journey with Urban Paws as a (strangely) fearful Veterinarian Technician intern, Qinghui has since grown by leaps and bounds in her handling confidence. Going on to take a grooming course, Qing Hui is now a well rounded full fledged handler with grooming chops to boot.



Guest Relations

Undeniably the most recognizable face of Urban Paws, his stoic affection has become the stuff of legends. Einstein's strong work ethic compels him to not only pose luxuriantly with you for photo shoots but also to give paw massages if he thinks you are a high roller (read: laden with treats). 

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-11 at 1.11.22 PM.jpeg


Daycare Lead

The literal biggest softie on the team, while Joshua believes in the importance of firm authority in dog handling, his adopted Singapore Special Winnie easily breaks through his stern demeanour to get treats and attention. As a daycare lead at Telok Kurau, Joshua enjoys seeing dogs bond and open up during daycare




Starting out with us as a design intern, Winnie took the leap to pursue what she was really passionate about - grooming and handling, to become a core member of the Urban Paws team. Winnie's aesthetic sense, natural handling and dedication shines through in her groom sessions which she keeps as happy and safe as possible. 

Charcoal, her XXL Singapore Special adoptee, senior poodle Cookie and Bunny Pedro are treasured members of her furry tribe at home.



Daycare Handler

The "goatee guy" is a firm believer in the importance of an active lifestyle for both dogs and humans alike. Arguably the fittest handler on the daycare team, Greg's routine revolves around keeping his 2 furkids well cared for, his house plants flourishing and the daycare dogs under his care walking!



Pet Transport

Having worked closely with shelter dogs for many years, Veron joined Urban Paws as a driver and handler to continue her stellar work with her gentle expertise. An invaluable support unit to the provision of our core services of daycare, staycation and grooming , Veron and her van ensures smooth functioning, reliability and safety. Veron continues to be a strong advocate of the TRNM program in Singapore.



Senior Groomer

It all began at the age of 14 when Joanne began volunteering for Mdm Wong’s Shelter. From there, her love for animals grew and she began her grooming career as well. With an eye for style, Joanne’s grooming skills are unrivalled and your furkid would never look better! 

Her love for animals extends beyond her grooms. Joanne is also a proud owner of Xiao Huang and Fa Cai (lovebirds), Jia Jia (african grey), Alba (umbrella cockatoo), Pammie (mongrel), Biscoff and Oreo (gerbils).

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A paw-rent to her 2 pomeranians, Tiara and Keith, Regine understands the importance of a good groom and spa first hand! Her love for animals and hands-on work led her into the grooming industry, where her passion for grooming grew.



Security Guard

You can always spot Ginger out and about on his sentry duty. Except when he's eating, napping or cleaning his paws. Ok, so maybe 2-hour sentry duty. When he feels like it. 


Paw Patrol

This red headed Norwegian Forest is mostly out working her charms pawtrolling for treats in the neighbourhood. If you get a rare glimpse of her inside the centre, she will usually be making bedroom eyes at whoever is nearest her, pretending to not notice you noticing her.




This red-headed Norwegian Forest is mostly out working her charm pawtrolling for treats in the neighbourhood. If you get a rare glimpse of her inside the centre, snap a pic before the elusive beauty saunters away!