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We are passionate about delivering top of the class experience for our client's furry family members. If you are too, this might just be the place for you. 

We are always on the lookout for groomers, dog behaviourists and dog handlers. As a growing and dynamic team, we take personal development very seriously. No matter where you are in your pet-centric career, at Urban Paws, you would have the opportunity to work with others that share and deliver on this commitment to high quality service standards. 

Current Openings:



This is a role that is both managerial and hands on. You will be required to lead your team by example in modelling grooming best practices, while being able to deal with dogs of different coat types, temperament and sizes. Through your exemplary leadership, you and your team will build a strong relationship with our clients that are reflective of our values and deliver a stellar customer experience. You are driven and maintain high standards. 


As an assistant, you will be working closely with our client's pets. You will be responsible for all aspects of the basic grooming. You are also a team player that recognises what the team needs and provides consistent support to the groomer to deliver a quality finish. You can work well under pressure, are meticulous and put the safety of the pet above all else. This is an entry level position though candidates with some professional experience will be given priority.


This is well rounded role that integrates customer service, basic dog handling skills and safe driving around the roads of Singapore. You must enjoy being on the move while keeping to a pre planned route, with the companionship of the pets in the company van. You should also have a strong sense of responsibility, putting the safety and comfort of the pets under your care as your foremost priority.


Energetic and brimming with pawsitivity - our dogs deserve only the most caring and fun handlers! This is a very hands on, dog-centric role where you will be expected to run our daycare curriculum in a safe yet enjoyable manner with the rest of your team. While this is a very fun role, we take our work very seriously, so we are looking only for people who understand the heavy responsibilities of managing the happy pack.  


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